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Current Commision Status:


Please email me if you have any question


∠( ᐛ 」∠)_BustHalfbodyFullbody
Per character100€150€200€
  • Extras include heavily detailed outfits, props, weapons, pets...

  • Full colo, simple light

  • No/simple background (solid color, gradient, textured...)


∠( ᐛ 」∠)_BustHalfbodyFullbody
Per character200€300€400€
  • Extras include heavily detailed outfits, props, weapons, pets...

  • Full colo, complex lighting

  • Natural or simple backgrounds/cityscapes


∠( ᐛ 」∠)_BustHalfbodyFullbody
Per character70€120€150€
  • Extras include heavily detailed outfits, props, weapons, pets...

  • Clean sketch, flats only, any color

  • No/simple background (solid color, gradient or textured brush)


  • Basic prices. May increase with detail level and will be discussed case by case

  • Full colo, simple light unless stated otherwise

  • No/simple background (solid color, gradient, textured brush...)

To be added !


By requesting a commission from me, you agree with my TOS

  • Payment via Paypal, in Euros (€)

  • Digital commissions. You won't receive any physical copy, only a HD png. file

  • Personal use ONLY

  • Anything NFT or AI related is strictly forbidden !!

  • Commission may be declined if I'm uncomfortable with it

  • Full payment beforehand, sketch validation up to 2 free retakes

  • If you cancel your commission before sketch validation, you'll get a 90% refund only, and I may turn the sketch into a YCH later

  • No refund after sketch validation

  • I can use your commission on my social media to promote my work (tell me if you'd like it to be private, a surprise gift...)

  • As the commissioner, you can repost or privately use your commission, proper credit must be given

  • Otherwise, NEVER crop, edit, repost, sell or use my work in any way without my EXPLICIT & WRITTEN consent


  • Your name & pronouns:

  • Your social media handle (your @):

  • Commission type:

  • Details: main idea, expression, personality in a few words, background idea...

  • Reference(s): clean sketch & flat colors at least. You can include photo references, moodboards, even a scribble of what you have in mind, anything useful !

  • Private commission: yes, no or until when ?

  • Your Paypal email:

If you'd like to order something specific (character reference sheet, custom design, or anything else), we can discuss it !
If you have any question, feel free to ask !
Thank you for your interest 💖